Rault's Recreated    

Jewelry With A Past
Handmade History With A Future

This unique jewelry line was inspired by and is dedicated, with love, to the
artist's father Jim Miller

  In April of 2010, after many years of father & daughter working side by side,
Mr. Miller passed away.

                        Day after day customers would come  into the shop to express
their sorrow.

  This touched the artist, who would end up in the back storeroom pretending
to "look" for something,

                           taking a moment to compose herself in order to continue

       She spent hours & hours going through boxes and re-discovering
treasures long forgotten.

          These discoveries were her inspiration for the jewelry. Her creative
journey began here.

   Hardware that once sat forgotten in the storeroom for over 70 years was
given new life & purpose.  

        The resulting pieces are created with all original hardware, and each
piece is one of a kind.
Jewelry can only be purchased in shop