In the early 1800's a French Immigrant named Joseph Rault arrived in New
He was a Blacksmith by trade. He started his
trade at 515 Bourbon Street.

He married a girl from his hometown Julie Pere Rault and they had
5 children 3
all of whom worked with him as Gunsmith's,  Blacksmith's and Locksmith's.

When the French Quarter became to rowdy for family life they moved over to
Magazine Street the year was 1857 and the address was 207 St. Mary which
today is 111
The shops first location on Magazine came in 1886 at 616 Magazine
which later
changed to 2104
Magazine at a time when the city was re-establishing all the

Then from the years of 1887 to 1947 the shop and family bounc
ed further down
the street towards the park until it landed and stopped at 3027 Magazine..... The
year 1947
the address 3027 Magazine Street.

Over the years the shop evolved. They repaired everything back in the day nothing
was disposable. Anything from umbrellas to lawn mowers to sharpen saws and
still operated as gunsmiths
but the main stay was locksmithing
Henri was a colorful character and a mainstay on Magazine Street. As well as his
grandson Russell who later took over. Still to this day stories are shared about
the shenanigans of Mr. Staub.
You can see all of this history today as you enter
the shop and hear some of the wonderful stories about these guys.

Henri  was killed by a Model T Ford January 22 1936.
He was hit on the corner of Magazine and Washington by a neighbor who lived
over on Chippewa while coming back from the Picture Show.
daughter Isabelle and grandson Russell Staub took over the day to day  
operation. Mr. Staub took over full ownership in 1946 and was a fixture on
Magazine and in the Uptown area locksmithing until his death in 1993.....
behind a building in despair but filled with old hardware treasures from years
gone past.

The shop was purchased in 1990 by Jim Miller who restored the building and the
business to it's glory.  
And created the Centuries old business and building in
vision you see today.

H. Rault has a deep history on Magazine Street and in New Orleans.
We are the 2nd oldest operating lockshop in the USA
We are the oldest in the South and the oldest in Louisiana
We are the oldest operating business on Magazine Street.