H. Rault Since 1845

specializing in all things antique locks and hardware

The Second Oldest Locksmith Shop in the United States

H. Rault Locksmith Since 1845 - We are the second oldest locksmith shop in the USA and the oldest in Louisiana. We are the oldest business currently operating on Magazine Street in New Orleans, LA.

A-mazing multi-generational shop, first opened in mid 1800s. Old-school locksmith and key maker, the entrance and front part of shop is part museum and hip design gift store while the back is showroom and vintage store.
— Sam W.
Locksmith? Why would I ever go to a locksmith while traveling? Shh....don’t tell anybody that they have a killer store with tons of vintage items.
— Lori L.
After literally years of trying to get this one particular task done, I’ve finally found competent locksmiths in New Orleans. It’s not hard to get a good rating out of me, just do good business.
— Ryan M.
The last time the locksmith came to my house? I hugged him. That’s how much I love their service.
— Jen L.